I think this is the hardest part as I think I have written down my other encounters or have some sort of track record like emails, pictures, videos of other women. The women I’ve met at swing clubs are mostly a blur but I know I have had sex with over 200 women at these swing clubs and at swing events that were not organized by me.  Some of the swing clubs I have been to are:

  • Wild Bill’s Panther Palace
  • Sugar Hill
  • Red Rooster
  • LA couples
  • The Forum
  • Edgewater Motel
  • Power Exchange in San Francisco and Oakland
  • Erik’s club in Richmond
  • Club in San Diego which name I can’t remember
  • Trapeze in South Florida on University
  • Tampa Bukkake Parties
  • The Vault in New York – Technically not a swing club
  • The Dungeon? in lower Manhattan – again not sure of the name
  • Swing Club in Berlin – can’t remember the name
  • The Castle which  is a club in the border of Holland and Germany
  • Firehouse club in Hamburg
  • The Boat in Holland

So that’s 15 clubs (that I can remember) and I had sex in all of them with at least 1 new woman. Now, I went to a few of them almost weekly for a period of 3-4 years so if we figure 1 new woman per week I would arrive to about 200 and that’s how I came up with that number. I will try to break down the clubs by partners but it will be challenging.