I remember this girl who contacted me thru Yahoo groups about swinging where I first started my group on Yahoo. Her name was Melissa and she was a younger brunette BBW from Louisiana. I remember going to pick her up at her house in Anaheim (if I remember correctly) and then I got a hotel just around the corner from where she lived and I ended up fucking her there. I know I did her a few more times and I think she even moved to Silverlake eventually and I did her there too but my memory is fuzzy. I also took her to a swing club and even couple of my friends fucked her too.  She was a nice educated girl, pretty on the face but on the bigger side.

I wish I could re-experience these adventures.. just the feeling of going into a new pussy is thrilling for me. Funny that although I have very high numbers there are a bulk of memories that are so faded is hard to enjoy in a way. That’s why I’ve always been saving and collecting pictures of girls I’ve been with to help me enjoy my memories better. In a way it’s so bizarre that me and I mean “ME” could have done some many women.. amazing stuff that I am sure will give me something to smile about the day I say good bye to this world.  As one thing I can say is that I had a LOT of pussy :)