I’ve been away for a while but I am back to continue working on this project as I know I will finish it one of these days.. not that it is important to anyone or even to myself. But it serves as a nice diary online no one will ever find out (that actually knows me that is)..

Today I wanted to post on my craigslist hook ups on the casual encounters section. I have seen people asking online if anybody ever meets women on the casual encounters section that are NOT hookers and the question is definitely yes! the key however is a secret on how to do it. But let’s just say it’s not all that hard, just takes some brains and decent pictures.

In my 5 years or so since I first discovered the CL, I used it primarily in 2008 and 2009 with other encounters before and after that period. But for the time where I was completely focused (if not addicted on it), I was meeting new women for sex about once per week on average. In all I think the number of CL hook ups are anywhere from 70-80. And out of this number a few have been BBWs and maybe not so attractive women. However, most women were attractive and some were really hot. So if you are new to the CL, don’t just assume everything is spam or fat.. there are some hot women on there, just got to work on it. Going forward I will start adding my CL encounters as I kept good records of those.. unlike my excite, AFF, yahoo groups, etc.  encounters..

I have a number of women I can have sex at this moment. After a good 2009, I not only accumulated sex partners but ongoing casual relationships that keep me busy.  So off the top of my head,  starting with my out of my city lovers.. I am trying to stay anonymous so people won’t find me posting about them, thus the vagueness.

South East – We’ll call her “R”. I know when I visit I can sleep with her if she is single and maybe even “D”.

North- I have “K” there and we’ve been each other’s lover for a long time. I think almost 9-10 years now.

South (where I live)

  1. An
  2. Kt
  3. Mt
  4. Hl
  5. Ml

Other less reliable ones

  1. Cb in Ox
  2. Kt in Oc

So I guess for now I have 5 reliable girls I can call up anytime near me and some others  around too. And I didn’t even count  some porn girls and others whom I could actually try getting in touch with. The trick is keeping all the current girls happy so when I get back I will love them all! Come to think about it, I have enough pussy already to last me a lifetime and anything beyond what I have is really icing on the cake. I am one lucky fucker indeed..

For the year.. I am done. I ended up doing the Korean girl for almost two hours and I think I did a pretty good job. I get the feeling she will want me to do again in the future. And while doing her I had another girl text me for a booty call but I just can’t satisfy everyone. I need to take a vacation and come back refreshed. I’ll spend time with my favorite girls in the meatime.

So I am here at a starbucks killing time while waiting to hook up with a Korean “MILF” (She is way younger than me but she is considered a MILF). I think after this one, I will be done for the year. It it after all the 28th, so I’m good and I will be breaking my record of 8 new girls in one mothh.. she will be my 9th.

If I didn’t have to work. I would probably be able to do 80-100 girls a year just doing what I’m doing. I’ve been really good at this, I can outfuck a lot of people out there.

I just had sex with a beautiful 21 yo but I have this opportunity with a pretty BBW. She is bigger than what I am used to but I figure what the heck, it’s almost New Years so might as well close out 2009 with a bang!! She will be the 8th this month and if I have time, I’ll do a hot Korean MILF this week for the 9th. I just need to make enough time for all this pussy.. might have to get some Viagra.

So tonight I came up with a powerful ad to fish for “leads” and I got several replies. And I ended up meeting this older married woman (husband doesn’t know) who told me she basically wasn’t getting any at home (bad long marriage unfortunately). She was blond, had very nice curves but a bit of a tummy. And I am sure she must have been really hot when younger.  We got together at a hotel near her and we were at it for about 2-3 hours.  She is by far the woman I’ve finger fucked the most ever..  My shoulder hurts I think from doing it for so long. But in the end she was a happy woman and I was able to accomplished another successful mission :)

So on that black book on gmail that I have the number goes up to 43 and this was my 7th session in the month of December with a new woman. I am on a roll but I am taking time off and just meeting previous girls I’ve kept in touch with to finish the year.

Well, so she came over with the intention to only have oral and as the awesome salesperson that I am, I was able to upsell her into fucking.. and I did her bare too :) I am just fucking good!!

Merry Xmas!

It’s Christmas eve and the girl I was supposed to be with did not make it to LA on time. So I started looking online and found a pretty Latina woman. She is coming over as I type and I will be “upselling” from oral to full sex. We’ll see..