I think since my hook up list is so all over the place but well organized on my email, I will start with the most recent ones since I have a fresher memory of them.  Brittany is one of the girls I met on the craigslist by posting an ad, what kinda of an ad is and will remain a secret but let’s just say it is a creative one that gets me a lot of meetings. Anyway,  she is a pretty young 20 yo girl with lots of tattoos.  In a way she is of a newer generation as girls with tattoos covering their arms are more of a recent trend. Anyway, I picked her up at her friend’s house after sexting her for quite some time. And she was so worked up she was basically ready to do it right away. She was wearing a tight mini skirt with no panties and as soon as she got on my car we started to make out. And from there we just went to the nearest hotel in the area and we started fucking.. Britanny loved being submissive and I enjoyed being dominant with her but since I was pressed for time, I ended up leaving after an hour of so with the promise of getting together again for more..

Wish I could post her picture but I can’t since she doesn’t even know I keep a sex diary.. in fact, nobody knows I keep a sex diary with the exception of people visiting this site.