I’ve been away for a while but I am back to continue working on this project as I know I will finish it one of these days.. not that it is important to anyone or even to myself. But it serves as a nice diary online no one will ever find out (that actually knows me that is)..

Today I wanted to post on my craigslist hook ups on the casual encounters section. I have seen people asking online if anybody ever meets women on the casual encounters section that are NOT hookers and the question is definitely yes! the key however is a secret on how to do it. But let’s just say it’s not all that hard, just takes some brains and decent pictures.

In my 5 years or so since I first discovered the CL, I used it¬†primarily in 2008 and 2009 with other encounters before and after that period. But for the time where I was completely focused (if not addicted on it), I was meeting new women for sex about once per week on average. In all I think the number of CL hook ups are anywhere from 70-80. And out of this number a few have been BBWs and maybe not so attractive women. However, most women were attractive and some were really hot. So if you are new to the CL, don’t just assume everything is spam or fat.. there are some hot women on there, just got to work on it. Going forward I will start adding my CL encounters as I kept good records of those.. unlike my excite, AFF, yahoo groups, etc. ¬†encounters..