I want to say I amĀ underestimatingĀ but I won’t be sure until I really sit down and break down the people I remember. Back in the late 1990’s, I started setting up gangbangs, group sex, orgies and I became known for them. So for a while there I was setting up sex events almost every week. But because I started doing porn videos in late 2001/early 2002 I stopped doing them as much. So technically I had about 150 weeks to set up these events and I’ve set them up until recently but less frequently so I would say it’s fair to say I have had sex with 150 women at least this way. Once I am done with the rest of the list I will revisit this section and the swinger clubs section to see how much I actually remember. But I’d say this is about accurate.

Now I still need to add many girls I’ve met one one one and the porn girls. I am figuring about 400-600 porn girls and maybe another 100-150 girls off camera so I should be slightly over 1000. These girls I will break down one by one as I remember details on them more clearly and I have the pictures of 95% of the porn girls I’ve done so it will be easier to complete.