I grew up back in the days where the “black book” meant the list of all the hook up a man had. I suppose guys wrote all the information of the girls they would have sexual flings with on one little address book. But since it is a physical object, it was always subject to destruction by jealous girlfriends, impaired judgment, etc. But with the internet and especially with gmail, we now have the very best tool to keep your contacts safely off your premises. Not only that but you can keep count of all the women you’ve had, dates, etc. To give you an example, here is a screen shot of my “black book”.

Black Book

My tracking for 2009

As you can see, I created a label called “Done Deal”. What that means is that all contacts from my internet encounters that have ended in sex get that label.  So for instance, the girl I met last night I labeled it so it will show in this folder when I press it. And in it, I can track the dates that I met the girl and most importantly have all the contact and usually pictures as well. You can see that for the year I have 42 contacts labeled and 6 in the month of December alone. That translates into 6 encounters with new girls for this month, 42 encounters by email in 2009. Not too shabby :)

Now think about how useful this is. In the future, I can just email, call, text any of the girls on my lists. Recall their profile and basically meet them again (if they are single and in the mood of course). This is useful technology I wish I would have had when I first started. I could have tracked almost everyone like this. But at least is not too late to start using this system and I share this with you in case you find this system useful.