I have a number of women I can have sex at this moment. After a good 2009, I not only accumulated sex partners but ongoing casual relationships that keep me busy.  So off the top of my head,  starting with my out of my city lovers.. I am trying to stay anonymous so people won’t find me posting about them, thus the vagueness.

South East – We’ll call her “R”. I know when I visit I can sleep with her if she is single and maybe even “D”.

North- I have “K” there and we’ve been each other’s lover for a long time. I think almost 9-10 years now.

South (where I live)

  1. An
  2. Kt
  3. Mt
  4. Hl
  5. Ml

Other less reliable ones

  1. Cb in Ox
  2. Kt in Oc

So I guess for now I have 5 reliable girls I can call up anytime near me and some others  around too. And I didn’t even count  some porn girls and others whom I could actually try getting in touch with. The trick is keeping all the current girls happy so when I get back I will love them all! Come to think about it, I have enough pussy already to last me a lifetime and anything beyond what I have is really icing on the cake. I am one lucky fucker indeed..

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