I rarely use the term “Wham Bang Than You Ma’am” and neither do people that usually communicate with me. But just minutes (literally minutes) after writing that post I got the email from one of them women prior to our meeting on Thursday using those same exact words. I almost thought she was reading my diary!! wtf? odds must be 1 in millions or billions that this would come up when it did.

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“I am very excited as well Can you kind of tell me what your going to do to me and do you plan on a fast wham bam thank you mam/ or are you going to fuck me for hours?”

Keiko was my 4th sexual encounter and she too was from Japan. I was living in an international environment so I was making out and fooling around with many European girls and some Asian girls. And Keiko was a girl who was visiting from Japan and had a boyfriend back home. But one thing she got close and we ended up doing. I think we had sex twice if I remember right and she even wanted to introduce me to her boyfriend (obviously I declined). And we kept in touch for a while by letters but distance makes it hard to maintain friendships so eventually we lost touch.

I am not sure how long it will take to list the 1000 sexual partners I’ve had. Looking at the current speed of my blogging it will take me 10 years to finish this little project of mine. But it will be in itself a work of art and will live forever on the internet!!  Maybe one day, few hundreds years from now someone will be reading this and wonder about the sexual lifestyle that the internet brought to my generation.

My first Asian girl.  She was visiting from Japan, from Fuji? if I am not mistaken and she was a beautiful Japanese girl on the more voluptuous side. We couldn’t really communicate because she didn’t speak much English but somehow we managed to go to Las Vegas together and have a good time. And it was there in Vegas where I had the pleasure to have sex with her.  I remember how she was shy about kissing or even holding hands in public but then she was totally sexual behind doors. I guess despite her westernized looks, she was still very Japanese.

I think it’s interesting if not funny how my brain works (I suspect most men are like me as well). I have a hottie at home, almost half my age that I can be with anytime I want. But for reasons that are inexplicable in a way, I am on a constant search for new women to have sex with. And is not like I am looking for someone really hot, just someone sexy or different is thrilling enough. And I am not sure if this is a sexual addiction thing or just the fact that I as a man always want sexual variety. In fact, this was a major point of discussion between me and my psychologist.  He said that I was addicted to the thrill but then again what man isn’t? what better than to have a new woman? seeing her undress for the first time, smelling her, licking her, fucking her! And I don’t know if I will ever find the answer but all I know is that as long as I can fuck around, I will!! unless I feel so guilty about it that I stop.

But in the meantime, I have lined up a MILF for tomorrow afternoon at a hotel and then another self proclaimed Cougar for Friday afternoon as well. And I will enjoy seeing them suck my cock and then fucking them really good until I cum in them or on them. I don’t really expect to see these women on an ongoing basis due to the fact that I already have someone. So they will be “Wham Ban Than You Ma’am” type of deals which I might or might not ever do again in the future. As of now, I have plenty of women to have sex.

Last night, my girl ended up going out to see Shutter Island. And being the dog that I am, I started to look online to see what I could find and I ended up fucking this really HOT girl not far from my house. And I am not exaggerating when I say she was hot, she is definitely in the top 3 hottest girls I’ve met in the last year. And what was interesting about her is that she had been conservative all her life and wanted to be “dirty” last night. She had only done anal once but last night I fucked her for over 30 minutes continuously in her ass and she LOVED it. In fact, she had an orgasm from it. I don’t know if we’ll get together again because women like her are usually the types that are always in relationships but I’d definitely love to fuck her ass again and hopefully fill her up with cum too. I would post her body pictures but I don’t have them on this computer. I am always joking about being a lucky fucker but on my way home after doing this girl last night, I am really grateful for the life I’ve had. Especially in the last 12 years, it’s really been an amazing adventure.

So yesterday I took half day off to go hang out with a married woman whom I had been fucking since she was engaged and we ended up “re-connecting” again. I always thought it was interesting how she kept in touch after being married and we even met couple of times without doing anything sexual. But yesterday she was telling her husband was out of town and while sitting on the couch she put her feet on my lap. And once my space is violated by a woman, there will be an answer :)

So I started to fondle her and suck her tits. Then she grabbed my dick out, took her shorts off and sat on it without thinking twice about condoms. I would assume a married woman would be a little more careful than that given the fact that I am somewhat promiscuous.  But she enjoyed the ride and I always came inside her. She kept on saying “do not cum in me” so instead I shot it all over her pussy.

And to think that at one time I thought women did not cheat that much.. buy was I wrong!!

British woman from London I met while I was working. She was much older than me, 12 years older to be exact but she was hot and sexy. I was just a kid but she helped change my perspective on a lot of things. Being with her was part of the inspiration to come out to the West Coast.

So I finally had sex with a new woman this year. Considering I did over 50 new women last year, this has been a tremendous change for me. I am reformed!! right.. Anyway, I met her on the the net thru one of my sites. She emailed me about her sexual fantasy and I went out to her city which is about an hour from where I live to have a coffee with her. But instead of meeting at starbucks, she invited me to her house.  She was a bit reserved and somewhat shy at first but I was able to disarm her with my smile and my talk and next thing you know I was sucking on her big tits. I asked her if I could lick her pussy and she said no but after sucking her tits some more and doing some more of my “moves”, she had her legs open for me. And from there it started as a condom thing but I took it off in the end and ended cumming inside her pink pussy.. just the way she wanted it actually.

I am not not sure when I will see her again but next time I will cum inside her some more. She is newly separated “milf” who hasn’t really had much adventure and is now craving new things and I am happy I was able to show her some good creamy luvin.. lol

What has this world come to!

I am responsible for a lot of sex videos but even I get amazed at people like John Edwards. I mean, WTF was he thinking?? one thing is to video your sexual encounters anonymously and before becoming that famous. Another is to do a sex tape while running for President of the United States.. what a dumb ass. Maybe this his strategy of reviving his politcal career.