The year was 1999 and in all honesty my memory is foggy. I guess it’s good I am doing this now as I am sure I would forget in a few years. The 62 girl is a black girl that contacted me from Yahoo personals as well. She was my first black girl (for sex that is as I dated another black woman but never slept with her) and I am glad it was her. She was a very pretty and petite, had a nice tight body and she was in her early 20’s if I remember correctly. We went out a few times but it was sexual relationship for all intent and purposes. She also (according to her) couldn’t have children or had the depo shot so I used to cum inside her all the time. I remember how it was kinda interesting seeing the color contrast of my cock going inside her. In a way I wished I would have fucked her a lot more but I am sure we got together at least half a dozen times if not more. And I wonder what ever happened to her :/

And here is a picture of Halle Berry not of the girl but she looked a lot like her. In fact, she could pass as her younger sister.