“Bubbles” as she used to be known back then was probably around my 60th woman. And I think the first true nymphomaniac that I ever met. She used to have these wild sex parties with a lot of people and she became famous in the area for her being so extreme. There is an interesting story behind her but that is private. She re-appeared recently as a porn star under Cala Craves and the picture below was recent. I did her more than 10 years ago, in 1998 to be exact so imagine her back then. For being a “cougar”, she still looks pretty damn hot and she is still throwing parties.

So I jumped from 13 to 59 because I just added all paid sex women to the count. So 13 plus 45 would be 58.  And I wish I had my old list around but I already forgot a lot of names. So as 59 I am adding a hot wife who was trying out swinging for the first time. She was around 40, a real estate broker and her husband knew of me fucking her. I wish I had a picture but I don’t :(

My recollection of my encounters with prostitutes is vague. But if I remember sort of counting my encounters about 10 years ago and at that time it was around 40 women give or take. These were mostly in my teen years and a few in my early 20’s. But as I matured, I just sort of lost the fascination or the need to fuck hookers. I think in the last 10 years, I’ve done maybe 1 or 2 and they were more for the “fuck of it”. So let’s just say I’ve been with 45 hookers my entire life..