She was my first Vietnamese girl and quite possibly the first Chinese as well as she was ethnic Chinese from Vietnam (I am very specific on ethnicity as it makes it more interesting for me).  I met Alina on AOL personals or AOL profiles, not sure which one it was but I remember she was the one that sent me an email and we got together shortly afterwards. I think we had phone sex first for a bit and by the time I went to meet her we were both ultra turned on. I remember as soon as I picked her up from her mom’s house she started grabbing my cock and we ended up parking just couple blocks away. She was so horny she just sat on my cock bareback and I probably even came in her a little because it was so hot. I was in the passenger seat sitting while she rode me like a horny slut. We were at it for quite sometime the first time and the windows were steamed from all that fucking. And after that one time, I kept on seeing her for a few months and she turned out to be one of the wildest and horniest women I’ve met to this day. She loved fucking outdoors and I fucked in dark alleys, at a dance club (in the middle of the dance floor I might add), etc. I stopped seeing her because she had a temper but she was a sexual dynamo who couldn’t get enough cock. She was 21 if I remember correctly and I was in my late 20’s when I met her. And I am sure if I sent her an email now, she would still be up for fucking regardless of whether she is married or with a boyfriend.

Viet Girl