If I remember correctly the year was 1999 and I met Dawn on Yahoo Personals (which I just read the other it was being discontinued?).  At that time, she was a few years older than I was. Maybe in her early/mid thirties, had almost white blond hair, slim and worked part time at a hostess club.  Our first date was actually a visit to the hostess club and from the minute we saw each other she was immediately attracted to me. We talked just a little and then she took me in one of room and she got on top of me. Things got out of a hand a little and I pulled out my cock and she slipped in bareback inside her.  I remember there were other people in the area and they weren’t sure if she was just griding me or what, as obviously one is not supposed to be having sex at a club. Especially, at a hostess club as they can lose their license. So after doing that for a few minutes we went outside to her car and we finished fucking there… what a first date that was.

Hostess Club

Eventually, we ended up having a very sexual relationship where I would go visit her 2-3 times a week just to fuck her. She wanted more than that, as a matter of fact, she wanted me to get her pregnant and when she saw I wasn’t going to do that she basically stopped calling me and started putting me off. Which I suppose was for the better.