CJ was the first web girl I met from the internet. when I say web girl, I mean a girl that had modeling aspirations to have a website. I went to this web girl party in Lake Havasu during Christmas time in 1998 and that is where we met up. In the beginning I was dissapointed I had driven like 6 hours to Arizona to hang out with all these guys and just a few girls. But as the party dissipated, I was one of the last ones to leave but while walking out CJ started talking to me and after a few minutes I know what she wanted. So I went back into the house and started to make out and fool around. The one thing led to another and the next thing you know she is going down on me along with Oasis, another web girl. And then that turned into a shoot and I ended up doing Oasis.

I was supposed to hook up again with CJ but I don’t remember why I had to leave. I had her number and address and everything but at that point, I never imagined visiting Tennessee just for a girl so I sort of forgot about it.. little did I know then I would end up traveling the world for pussy.