I don’t remember her name but I still have pictures of her. She was a wanna be model I met on the LA xpress that happen to live just few blocks from where I was. I ended up meeting her and taking her to a Thai restaurant and that same night I took her back to my little studio apartment and fucked her. She was a little nutty I must admit and I think did her 2 or 3 times.

She is a very pretty blonde girl I met up at a a local coffee shop while studying. She flirted with me as she passed by me and we ended up going out that night to a club in Hollywood. And after that first night, I was hooked on her. I don’t remember how long it took me to have sex with her but it was after a good number of dates but when I finally fucked her I was in heaven! she was very hot and slutty and I remember taking her anal virginity too.

She was an European girl I ended up dating for quite sometime. We met at a nightclub in Hollywood after doing one of those “freaky” dances. The week after we went out on a date and we ended up having sex on out first “date”. Funny how I ended up with her for almost 2 years.

She was a Swedish girl I met while she was visiting from Stockholm for few weeks. I remember she teamed up with one of the other Swedish girls at the place I was staying and we were in my room talking. Before you know it, I was making out with the very pretty one and just when I wanted to start doing her, Christina started sucking my cock. She sucked me off good I remember but that was the only time we actually had sex.