Meg was best friends with one of my ex girlfriends and she was the first girl that I ever did in a threesome. Pretty girl with beautiful perfect tits who at one time used to strip as well. Unfortunately, I only fucked her once. Had I been then like I am now, I would have fucked her a lot more. I would post her picture but if she ever found it on here she would kill me.

That was the screen name if I remember correctly of the first woman I ever met online.  She was the first swinger hot wife that I ever met and I made a trip to the now closed Edgewater Motel in Oakland to meet her. I first got in touch with her on Adult Friend Finder (back when they had less than 500,000 members) and she told me to get a room after she saw my pictures.  So  I got there and fucked her in one of the hotel rooms and we even had an audience but I had her all to myself. At the time, I had no idea what a hot wife was but it wasn’t until I got into the lifestyle that I figured it out. She called herself the Bay Area’s Love Goddess or something like that as a joke but I am sure she fucked a lot of guys as a swinger.