So I jumped from 13 to 59 because I just added all paid sex women to the count. So 13 plus 45 would be 58.  And I wish I had my old list around but I already forgot a lot of names. So as 59 I am adding a hot wife who was trying out swinging for the first time. She was around 40, a real estate broker and her husband knew of me fucking her. I wish I had a picture but I don’t :(

My recollection of my encounters with prostitutes is vague. But if I remember sort of counting my encounters about 10 years ago and at that time it was around 40 women give or take. These were mostly in my teen years and a few in my early 20’s. But as I matured, I just sort of lost the fascination or the need to fuck hookers. I think in the last 10 years, I’ve done maybe 1 or 2 and they were more for the “fuck of it”. So let’s just say I’ve been with 45 hookers my entire life..

I think Oasis was my 12th sexual encounter. Although not sure how I should count it.. for now, I’ll just add her as number #12. However, I am going to have a problem going forward as I lost that early list that had all the names. It was over 200 when I lost it back in 2000-2001.  Maybe I should add the hookers I’ve been with.. hmm :/

I hope she is not pregnant but in all honesty I don’t mind if she is.

CJ was the first web girl I met from the internet. when I say web girl, I mean a girl that had modeling aspirations to have a website. I went to this web girl party in Lake Havasu during Christmas time in 1998 and that is where we met up. In the beginning I was dissapointed I had driven like 6 hours to Arizona to hang out with all these guys and just a few girls. But as the party dissipated, I was one of the last ones to leave but while walking out CJ started talking to me and after a few minutes I know what she wanted. So I went back into the house and started to make out and fool around. The one thing led to another and the next thing you know she is going down on me along with Oasis, another web girl. And then that turned into a shoot and I ended up doing Oasis.

I was supposed to hook up again with CJ but I don’t remember why I had to leave. I had her number and address and everything but at that point, I never imagined visiting Tennessee just for a girl so I sort of forgot about it.. little did I know then I would end up traveling the world for pussy.

It’s amazing the amount of pussy I can get and now more than ever I feel it is super easy to get laid. I really don’t do much work other than post a few ads. I just know what to write and how to reply.

My last new girl was a 23 yo cute girl out by Riverside. I ended up fucking her bareback but she was married and the hubby was around to watch at first and then join in. I am not sure what number she would be in my sex count but probably around 1000-1100?? 4 New TY

Meg was best friends with one of my ex girlfriends and she was the first girl that I ever did in a threesome. Pretty girl with beautiful perfect tits who at one time used to strip as well. Unfortunately, I only fucked her once. Had I been then like I am now, I would have fucked her a lot more. I would post her picture but if she ever found it on here she would kill me.

That was the screen name if I remember correctly of the first woman I ever met online.  She was the first swinger hot wife that I ever met and I made a trip to the now closed Edgewater Motel in Oakland to meet her. I first got in touch with her on Adult Friend Finder (back when they had less than 500,000 members) and she told me to get a room after she saw my pictures.  So  I got there and fucked her in one of the hotel rooms and we even had an audience but I had her all to myself. At the time, I had no idea what a hot wife was but it wasn’t until I got into the lifestyle that I figured it out. She called herself the Bay Area’s Love Goddess or something like that as a joke but I am sure she fucked a lot of guys as a swinger.

I don’t remember her name but I still have pictures of her. She was a wanna be model I met on the LA xpress that happen to live just few blocks from where I was. I ended up meeting her and taking her to a Thai restaurant and that same night I took her back to my little studio apartment and fucked her. She was a little nutty I must admit and I think did her 2 or 3 times.

She is a very pretty blonde girl I met up at a a local coffee shop while studying. She flirted with me as she passed by me and we ended up going out that night to a club in Hollywood. And after that first night, I was hooked on her. I don’t remember how long it took me to have sex with her but it was after a good number of dates but when I finally fucked her I was in heaven! she was very hot and slutty and I remember taking her anal virginity too.